Get To Grips With HR and Organisational Issues

Senior managers face similar issues but the context of each organisation is different and
that has a significant effect on the appropriate options to address hr management issues effectively.

The bridge in the picture is out of focus and that is what often occurs in our organisations.  We may become too focused on an issue and fail to see the real causes or we lose focus due to the pressures/busyness  work.   Then we become more susceptible to adopt personnel management practices and initiatives that sound good but will not provide effective solutions to our issues.

Your markets and technology may differ but your company or school or hospital etc. has a common factor.  Your organisation is a living entity comprised of individuals who have different skills, interests and creativity.   Harnessing those to advance your goals is practical but only if you identify the hr management strategies and practices which will reinforce such progress.  Do not be sidetracked by the latest fashion in hr initiatives.  Be realistic and focus on the way(s) forward in your context.

Cut through the HR mystique to identify:

  • the issues to be overcome;
  • the real causes;
  • what needs to be changed;
  • what needs to be preserved.

In my experience, one essential requirement,  which senior managers value, is access to objective, commercially focused advice which is also customer focused when addressing people and organisational issues.  Our roots are in both senior general management and hr management roles.  That blend of expertise enables us to help you decide on what will be effective in your organisation and how to minimise risks.

A risk averse approach will not resolve hr management issues.  Neither will paralysis because of
alarmist advice on employment law.   Our expertise and exposure to situations has
taught us what will be effective or ineffective in different organisational contexts.

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What We Do Well

Our blend of experience and sectors enables us to draw upon and to understand the different pressures and outlooks of managers. That experience coupled with our professional qualifications enables us to identify which hr strategies and practices will reinforce, and not distract from, achieving your organisation’s goals.

Managers are often beguiled into adopting the latest HR fad without thinking through if it will be appropriate to their organisation. Hence, the need to take an objective and independent view of where you are, the issues faced and your organisation’s capability to address those.

The range of our experience is important but as important is the way in which we work with clients to ensure that they are equipped to move forward and tackle their issues. To that end, we provide different services or ways of working so that client receives appropriate help to manage the situation effectively.

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Areas of Our Expertise.

  • Organisational changes;
  • Mergers and acquisitions – hr aspects;
  • Transfers of staff (TUPE etc.);
  • Academy status for schools;
  • Organisational flexibility
  • Effectiveness of your HR team;
  • Decision making and advisory networks;
  • Effectiveness of your HR team
  • Service quality improvement;]
  • Focused HR strategy and practices;
  • Employment law implications;;
  • Employee relations/engagement;
  • Effective performance management;
  • Reward and recognition;
  • Employee feedback/surveys;
  • Employee consultation/communication.

About Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington founded HR Management Dimensions in 2008 as a limited company in th UK.  In October 2018, he closed the company but continues to advise under the service name of HR Management Dimensions.

Jim injects a commercially focused and customer oriented outlook to employee and organisational issues whether at a strategic or operational level. His breadth of experience, insight and perceptive approach is quickly noticeable when he is advising and helping senior managers to address changes and issues.

You soon realise that Jim’s has varied experience which embraces senior roles in general management, hr management, organisational/employee relations consultancy and as an HR director in several sectors.  He has also spoken at various conferences both in the UK and abroad and is the author of several articles and a booklet on pay and reward systems in new technology organisations.

He is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and has an honours degree in law, including employment law, but it is his practical insight and application to situations that adds value when he works with senior managers.

Read more about Jim’s background in his Linked In profile.

The Story of our Company Logo

Our logo reflects the nature or our work. The traditional pyramid organisation shape has been overtaken by a diamond shape as knowledge and other skilled workers form a greater proportion of the staff than in the past. Hence, the middle levels contain more individuals. While the external lines are relatively easy to fix, managers are faced with the constant challenge of keeping employees focused on the priorities, changing markets etc. That is less clear cut and regrettably it is common to find the internal focus of the organisation has become blurred as represented by the red blurred part in the logo.

Maintaining focus requires sight of both external and internal matters.   As customers needs and preferences change, managers have to adapt their processes etc. to pick up those signals in order to realign their internal processes. A key source of feedback is via your drivers, customer service teams, carers and sales force as they encounter regularly the views, wishes and gripes of your customers and clients.

Adaptability is a key requirement.  Our logo at times will appear to face to the right and at other times to face to the left.   Adaptable organisations have a competitive advantage and that includes their ability to select hr management strategies and practices which will reinforce their goals rather than hinder them.

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