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Causeway about to be covered by incoming tide
Incoming tide covering a causeway

Have you stood near a causeway and seen drivers ignore the incoming tide and take a chance at getting across?  I have witnessed similar behaviour in hr managers – watching the consequences when an earlier intervention would have prevented issues and taken account of the current and future context.

As a general manager, frankly, I did not find hr management of help because:

Employment law was used as an excuse for not tackling issues and
a commercial and customer focus was not evident when considering issues and options.

So I decided to move into hr management to show that one could provide effective hr advice to managers.

My senior roles in general management and HR management had exposed me to a range of difficult and complex issues in several sectors which was enhanced by my professional qualifications, degree in law and specialist training in employee relations. Clients and collegues tell me that I have a different, welcome way of advising on hr management issues.  That is due probably to my above experience in several sectors, requiring the management of technical, medical and other specialist staff, in the health service, logistics, hospitality, manufacturing and in hr management and organisational consultancy. 

HR Should be Focused and not Risk Averse

We help you to identify the real causes and related issues that should be addressed to move forward bearing in mind both your current and desired future context; how to minimise the risks and provide advice and support to meet your needs. The aim is to build your and the management teams’ confidence in choosing an appropriate way ahead.

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