Resist or Settle a Tribunal Claim? Shock outcomes for employers

Managers may believe that it is wise to automaticially resist a Tribunal claim. Their aim is to wear the employee down and hope that he/she will give up or settle for a small sum. Appropriate maybe, if there was nothing remiss about the actions of managers and the facts support the management case. However, an […]

Self-Certificates Cover up to 28 Calendar Days

Updated 8 Feb 2022 New temporay regulations have been passed so that a self-certificate may now cover up to 28 calendar days incapacity from work. Up to now, a self-certificate covered only 7 calendar days which has been the case for many years. This change is effective from 17th December 2021 in England, Wales and […]

Increase In the Rates of the Living Wage

From November, 2021, increases in The Living Wage have been announced. These are significant rises. There is no compulsion to use the Living Wage rates as it is a voluntary decision by an employer. Employers who implement the The Living Wage should start to pay the new rates between now and 1st April 2022. Further […]

Quick Reference Source to Statutory Entitlements under Employment Law

Key HR Facts is a quick and free reference source of the statutory employment law entitlements. Designed to help managers and employees to find key information in one source without having to trawl through many sites on the internet. You may view the site via this link – Key HR Facts. New Home and Link […]

Wage Costs Likely to Increase

With many employers struggling to cope with reduced revenue and often static costs, news of increases in wage costs will raise tensions. Two upward pressures are changes from April 2021 to the age ranges for the national minimum pay rates and the increase from November 2020 of the voluntary Living Wage. The National Minimum Wage […]

Is Redundancy Your Only Option?

Hard decisions have to be made currently by senior managers to keep their organisation going. Making staff redundant may seem the obvious way to save money which for some may be the only viable course due to cash flow issues. However, others may be able to explore additional options that will serve their organisation better […]

Returning to Work – Great But Deal with ‘Hidden’ Issues Upfront

Issues Under the Surface It will be a relief for many to get back to work and see colleagues and customers again. It may require days of preparation to get things fully operational but that process will be familiar to staff and managers. However, the ‘lockdown’ weeks have taken many of us into unfamiliar times […]

Confused Re Furlough of Staff?

Guidance for managers and staff on being placed on furlough can be confusing especially when you are worried about what to do for the best. There are several sources of help though to help you consider your options. In this post, I shall outline some sources of help. In a later post, I shall discuss […]

Driverless Cars – Safety Failures

In a recent report the US National Transportation Safety Board outlined its conclusions regarding another fatal crash involving a ‘driverless car’. The vehicle had its cruise control set to 75 mph but was travelling slower at first as another vehicle was in front. At some point, the driverless car veered to the left and when […]