Living Wage – New Rates Announced

Increases to The Living Wage Rates The new rates of the Living Wage were announced recently.  Employers who have subcribed to paying the Living Wage are expected to start paying the new rates before 1st May 2019.   The new rates are: London  £10.55 per hour – increase = 35p per hour; Elsewhere £9 per hour […]

Termination Payments – New Liability for Tax and National Insurance

The exemptions from paying tax on termination payments, especially pay in lieu of notice, have been reduced significantly as of 6th April 2018 and made more complex in some instances. Take a quick quiz to see if you need to read more about the changes.  Are non contractual payments in lieu of notice taxable?  If […]

Key HR Facts Updated for New Statutory Rates from April 2018

If you want to find the latest awards that an Employment Tribunal can make or the potential cost of a dismissal or the statutory rights of staff to leave and pay from April 2018 then visit our Key HR Facts pages. Those contain summarised rights and the up to date rates on key employment rights […]

National Apprenticeship Week Ends – Any Impact?

Are appprenticeships an important way for young people to gain a productive foothold in their working life? Schools, colleges and employers as well as the young person have a role to play but so often apprenticeships are seen as ‘nice to do’ but fail to inspire and build the skills of the young person. Managers […]

April 2018 – Increases in National Minimum Pay Rates

The new rates of pay have been published by the Government.  Those will come into effect from 1st April 2018. You can see the new rates at this link to one of our websites which publishes Key HR Facts. Free PDF Copy of Key HR Facts Key HR Facts provide a useful summary in one […]

Holiday Entitlement – Enhanced Protection in New Court Decision

The entitlement to holidays and pay has been given extended protection by the recent decision of the European Court of Justice.   The Court restated the basic principles and has made it clear that neither employers not States have authority to diminish the right to paid holidays. Which Employers Will Face Higher Costs? Many employers provide […]

Refunds Begin of Tribunal Application Fees; Shady Employers Beware

The First Phase of Refunding Has Begun The Government has started a trial of reimbursing individuals who were charged and paid a fee to enter a claim at an Employment Tribunal.  This is as a result of the Supreme Court deciding that such fees were an unreasonable obstacle to accessing justice in cases in which […]

Hallmarks of Effective HR Management Practices

Are your managers locked into hr management practices or intiatives that sounded good or seemed to work well in other organisations but just do not produce tangible results in your organisation?   Despite managers’ time and effort, you do not see progress towards achieving your service or business goals.  Common causes are: those practices are […]

Teachers Under Pressure; Are School Governors Doing Enough?

Do you know any school teachers?  Do they seem more stressed now compared to say one year ago?  It seems to be accepted that teaching is a pressurised profession and that many members experience stress.  The suggested causes vary such as Government policy but the article referred to below suggests alternative causes and some suggestions […]