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Brexit – An Opportunity to Reinforce Your Organisation’s Values

The uncertainty about what Brexit means in practice does cause concern to employees which is not helped by knee jerk reactions and making off the cuff pronouncements as those usually have no real substance.   Many comments have appeared that we shall have to revisit our employment laws and amend those. I suggest that you read the following article on the Facebook company page of HR Management Dimensions.

From discussions with employees etc, I have sensed and heard that many employees, including migrants, have been made to feel less at ease in living here, since the vote, due to the range of changes predicted in policies and the law. Many migrants have lived here for many years and may have voted ‘Leave’ as they have first hand knowledge of the poor conditions in their country which some would allege are due to the effects of EEC policies.

Revisit and Reinforce Your Organisation’s Values

HR Managers, Chief Executives, Head Teachers etc. have the opportunity to look forward and nurture a positive outlook among staff. Now may be a timely opportunity to revisit your stated organisation’s values and ensure that those are reinforced from the top and across all departments. That will help to provide reassurance of a measured approach to the challenges ahead and also a constructive employee relations climate within your organisation. However, only do that if your senior management team are sincere in their belief in the relevance of your espoused values. Staff will soon see through any false exhortations and trust will be lost.

Watch Out for the Mavericks

In such times, there is a risk that a few individuals will adopt a prejudiced outlook and spread that via social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Different generations use different methods. For example, school children are likely to vent their feelings on Instagram whereas their parents are more likely to use Facebook. Consider issuing a gentle reminder of your policies on the use of social media especially in relation to detrimental comments about other work colleagues, students etc.

if an individual steps over the line, then he/she should be dealt with in a firm but fair manner. An informal approach may work in some instances but it may be necessary for managers to take formal disciplinary action. This should be balanced and seen in the light of an appropriate investigation and hearing. Employees will watch such cases with interest to see whether managers do take an appropriate course of action in the circumstances. The outcome of such action will help employees to see that managers are serious about the organisation’s values in practice. However, putting off or avoiding appropriate action will give credence to the belief among staff that the values are a sham.

Will Your Current Policies Help You?

Linked to this is the question whether your policies relating to, for example, Social Media or E-Safety, would be enforceable in the way that they have been set out and whether the content will be regarded as contractually enforceable. You need to assess whether your hr policies will be regarded as contractual or enforceabe by the courts if a dispute arises.  this link.

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