National Apprenticeship Week Ends – Any Impact?

Are appprenticeships an important way for young people to gain a productive foothold in their working life? Schools, colleges and employers as well as the young person have a role to play but so often apprenticeships are seen as ‘nice to do’ but fail to inspire and build the skills of the young person. Managers […]

Refunds Begin of Tribunal Application Fees; Shady Employers Beware

The First Phase of Refunding Has Begun The Government has started a trial of reimbursing individuals who were charged and paid a fee to enter a claim at an Employment Tribunal.  This is as a result of the Supreme Court deciding that such fees were an unreasonable obstacle to accessing justice in cases in which […]

Employing a Cost Effective Mix of Temporary Workers/Staff *

Deciding by Fact or Fiction Do you have the right mix of temporary workers to meet your seasonal or fluctuating needs? Have you experienced a pressing need for temporary workers but none with the right skills/knowledge are to hand immediately? Over 54% of employers rely upon agency workers (1) for more than 12 week periods […]

Harnessing the Living Entity in your Organisation *

In companies and public service organisations, senior managers face similar challenges to raise performance and provide added value.  Their technology, markets, resources and context will differ but they will assert that their people are their most important asset but still struggle to optimize innovation and performance of their people.  In the turbulent months ahead, it […]

Entitlement to request time off for training – motivating staff

Employee surveys and other sources have shown that staff feel more committed to their organisation if they believe that opportunities for training are available to them. That is so even if individuals do not take up such training. One may think therefore that that the new right to request time off for training would have […]