Executive and Board Pay – Is There an Appropriate Level?

Once more the level of pay of senior executives is under scrutiny and proposals are being considered for influencing and containing the size of such pay packages.[1]  This topic has attracted attention across the years and has been the subject of many studies including some on pay equity and equitable pay differentials. I had the […]

Are Your Senior Managers Sabotaging Your Pay/Reward Structures?

Posted on 26/02/2015 by HR Professional In the past, pay structures were viewed as almost permanent structures which only needed the occasional tinkering to keep them going.   That was a fallacy as pay/reward systems decay over time no matter how carefully they are crafted.  In a recent column in the Daily Telegraph, John Timpson […]

Management Bonuses – what should they reinforce?

Once more the issue of rewards and links to long term success of the company have been raised.  The Financial Reporting Council will be advocating stronger links and also clauses to enable bonuses to be clawed back [1].  However, focusing on the payment formula alone will not produce a sound scheme.  Like an iceberg, the danger […]

Performance Appraisal – A Time Expired Process

Why Do You Appraise Staff?  Do you experience tangible benefits for the time invested?  Appraisal is one of the practices that we seem afraid to terminate in case we are branded as backward managers.   We could rename our process as performance management which may sound more effective but that will not solve the underlying tiredness […]

Exposure v Experience – the better way to identify capable, adaptable staff

[Editor’s note – text edited 30/08/2018] Can We Improve Our Success Rate in Recruiting or Promoting Individuals? How often do we find ourselves writing phrases such as, “the successful applicant will possess 4 – 5 years experience in the leisure industry …”.   Quite a few individuals will have such experience but for many it will […]

Boardroom and Senior Management Pay – equitable approaches

The high level of executive pay in some companies has been occurring for many years. The recent publicity and reports have focused on the widening gap between the top management and employees.  Solutions have been proposed of links to the median pay of employees; reversing the trend of higher performance and lower basic pay.  In […]

Minimising Staff Absence – The Manager’s Choice

The first step in addressing staff absence issues is to gather the facts. That may seem obvious but in practice managers seem uncomfortable with holding a detailed discussion with the individual. The result is that referrals are made to occupational health departments with poor information and without having first considered other options. A discussion will […]

Retirement Age Lives On

How will you handle staff retirement planning in your workplace? From April 2011, the Government will remove the idea of a normal retirement age at which an employer can require staff to leave. Will that be a major problem for most employers? That is unlikely in view of the following points Sharing/discussing retirement plans is […]