National Apprenticeship Week Ends – Any Impact?

Are appprenticeships an important way for young people to gain a productive foothold in their working life? Schools, colleges and employers as well as the young person have a role to play but so often apprenticeships are seen as ‘nice to do’ but fail to inspire and build the skills of the young person. Managers […]

Older Employees – Organisational Asset or Liability?

Shortage of People and Skills Ahead In recent years the focus has been on apprenticeships and job opportunities for young people, which are both important.  However, that has distracted managers from another pressing issue – the skills and ‘corporate glue’ provided by older workers.  The number of young people coming into the workforce is shrinking.  […]

Sports Direct – the Dilemma of Organisational Flexibility

[Text amended August 2018] Many organisations need flexibility in staffing to accommodate seasonal and other variations in workload, product launches, staff holidays and illness etc. To meet such needs, senior managers should be able to introduce a range of contracts such as variable hours, zero hours, temporary and/or fixed term contracts and/or use agency workers. […]

Casual and Zero Hours Staff – A Balanced Approach

Posted on 30/05/2015 by HR Professional [Editor’s note – this is an updated version of  ‘Zero Hours – A Casual Discussion’ published originally on 30/11/2013.] Zero Hours Contracts are Still Legal How will you make effective use of such staff to meet your service needs and balance your needs as an employer as well as […]

Exposure v Experience – the better way to identify capable, adaptable staff

[Editor’s note – text edited 30/08/2018] Can We Improve Our Success Rate in Recruiting or Promoting Individuals? How often do we find ourselves writing phrases such as, “the successful applicant will possess 4 – 5 years experience in the leisure industry …”.   Quite a few individuals will have such experience but for many it will […]

Employing a Cost Effective Mix of Temporary Workers/Staff *

Deciding by Fact or Fiction Do you have the right mix of temporary workers to meet your seasonal or fluctuating needs? Have you experienced a pressing need for temporary workers but none with the right skills/knowledge are to hand immediately? Over 54% of employers rely upon agency workers (1) for more than 12 week periods […]

Asking Interviewees about their Health/Disability

Can managers ask job applicants about their health/disabilities to determine if an individual could carry out the job with reasonable adaptions? The Equality Act 2010 aims to prevent situations in which job applicants are ruled out purely on a cursory view that they may or may not have health issues. However, some managers have gone […]