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Headsup HR was started as a result of views and suggestions that arose when Jim started to advise Chairs of Governors and Head Teachers on people and organisational issues within schools.  Their desire was for an independent source of information that covered the general and HR management aspects of leading a school or college.

The editor is Jim Harrington who has gained great insight in and experience of advising Head Teachers, Principals and Governors to address the challenges that schools face in the rapidly changing educational and leadership scene.  Heads and Chairs particularly value the opportunity for an independent view on key issues that their school faces.

Jim brings a wealth of experience from senior general management and hr management roles in the public and private sectors.  He injects a wider view of management issues which go beyond the traditional personnel management boundaries into areas such as:

  • Data protection:
  • Environmental management;
  • Risk management;
  • Development of and effectiveness of the SLT team;
  • Governance arrangements including the effectiveness of the decision making and advice processes.

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Headsup HR is published by HR Management Dimensions which was founded by Jim Harrington in 2008.  Between 2008 and October 2018, HR Management Dimensions was a limited company.  It is now a service/business name under which Jim Harrington continues to:

You can read more about the help and expertise available from HR Management Dimensions on that website.

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