Appraisals – What Benefits Will You Derive from the Time Invested?

Are you losing the benefits of staff appraisals and making life more difficult for yourself?   Although conducting appraisals for staff is mandatory in maintained schools, as a Head Teacher or Governor, you have a short window of opportunity to consider what you need to achieve from the appraisal process before the mooted changes to the teachers’ terms immerse you in a new round of setting SMART(ER) objectives etc.  This comes at a time when the private sector is once more questioning the value of an appraisal process.

“I have no choice in the matter”, I hear you say with the result that you are likely to carry on with the process without thinking further about it.  While you have the opportunity, pause and think about what you need to achieve from the process to improve learning within the school and achievement of the School’s plans.

For a slightly light-hearted view but with serious underlying questions, read the following article so that you can consider what should be your focus from now on
‘Performance Appraisal – A Time Expired Process

Further articles will be published on what you can do to improve the benefits from the time invested in the appraisal process and also on ways of implementing more flexible pay strategies as the 2013 Teachers’ Conditions are unveiled.

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