Employment Rights – A Quick Reference Source

The range of employment rights is wide and it is easy to lose track of the current rates/allowances such as statutory leave, minimum rates of pay.    You may only need to look those up occasionally and ideally would like to be able to go to one source to save time.

Key HR Facts

Well now you can by going to Key HR Facts.   These are a free source of reference which  you can find by using the following link – http://bit.ly/2ieG5ew.

You are also welcome to share the Key HR Facts pages with colleagues provided the copyright and source are displayed on each page or extract shared by whatever means.

Key HR Facts are produced by HR Management Dimensions Ltd.

If you feel it would be useful to include other facts in those quick reference pages, please let us know.

Understand the Facts in Context

Looking up the facts is useful but it is also important to understand them in the context in which you will use them.  For example, being able to look up the latest minimum rates of pay is helpful but what are the common pitfalls into which managers fall?  As an example read our blog article about such pitfalls.

You may find it useful to read articles on our blogs – links to which are provided at the end of this article.

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