Other Sources of Help

Citizens Advice

Provides both informaton and advice on employment related matters which is free to use. You can view the information on their website. Just check that you are viewing the pages which apply to your country within the United Kingdom.

Advice and/or help to complete forms can also be gained by telephone or via their on line services.

The national adviceline number is 0800 1448848.

There are other ways to contact the service e.g by e-mail, by your local Citizens Advice office. While Covid 19 is still active, face to face appointments are not usually available but your local Citizens Advice office will be able to tell you if they are able to offer an appointment to you and, if not, other means of discussing your questions. Please note that not all offices have an experienced adviser on employment related issues but they will probably be able to help you to find one.


ACAS – provides a lot of free information on its website and will give general advice but will not give an opinion on what you should do nor provide legal advice. The ACAS Helpline is 0300 123 1100

ACAS will help you to try to resolve a dispute with your employer by early conciliation in which an ACAS officer will speak to you and then to your employer to see if the matter can be resolved without having to go to an Employment Tribunal. In a similar way, ACAS will try to help an employer if he/she has a dispute with an employee.

ACAS provides a statutory service to try to avoid the need for tribunal cases. This is known as the Early Conciliation Service which is a free service.

HR Management Dimensions

Key HR Facts is supported completely by HR Management Dimensions which was founded by Jim Harrington in 2008. .HR Management Dimensions provides practical and focused advice on hr management issues and bears in mind the current and future context of your organisation – an important consideration when giving advice on employment rights

Photo of the founder of HR Management Dimensions and of Key HR Facts.

Like most organisations, HR Management Dimensions has to cover its costs and expenses so a charge is made normally for its services. However, at the founder’s discretion, HR Management Dimensions may provide advice either without charge or at a reduced cost.

You can view Jim’s experience via this Linkedin page.

You can read more about HR Management Dimensions on its website.

If you would like to discuss your query and the help we can give, contact us, in the first instance, via the chat facility that will appear on the right hand side of this page towards the bottom. We shall then contact you by phone or e-mail. That helps to avoid spam e-mails.

Articles by HR Management Dimensions

We publish articles on a a range of hr management subjects. Those aim to be practical and on issues that are often overlooked or made out to be more complex than they are really. You can access our blog here.

Please note that while re-formatting the Key HR Facts site, we decided not to write any new articles – shame on us I hear some cry! We shall be publishing new articles shortly.

The titles of some articles that have been well received are given below: