National Minimum Pay Rates from April 2024

Beware of a significant change to the rates payable from 1st April 2024 which will increase costs but could help to ease some retention and recruitment issues.

Up to now the highest pay rate was for those aged 23 and over. From 1st April the highest minimum wage rate will apply to those aged 21 and over. The applicable hourly rate will be £11.44.

For more details see the relevant section of Key HR Facts via this link to the site and section.

The rise will not necessarily solve your retention and recruitment issues. A different approach to flexibility may help your team

One of the common gripes of staff is that they can not get the time off when they really need it to solve a problem. Some owners have found that encouraging staff to be more flexible in the way they seek time off and manager’s approach to considering such needs. Managers have found that by encouraging individuals to think more about their real need can be more productive. They found that staff have been more responsive and pleased with a willingness to grant them one or two hours off when needed to solve a problem. That has resulted in staff being more flexible in their request and also willingness of other staff to help out while the individual is away for a few hours.

Okay – it will not be practical in every situation especially if only one or two members of staff are on the team but managers have found that it has led to willingness of staff and managers to be more flexible in helping out when colleagues really need time off. Staff begin to see the benefit of thinking and responding more flexibly. Try it and see how your staff respond. It could become a key to retaining and recruiting dedicated staff in your business.