The development of and maintenance of trust in our working relationships is very important to us. Confidentiality is part of that as we summarise below.

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If you provide your e-mail address (or a colleague’s) to us, we do not pass your address, or that of others, on to third parties except as above or if required by law.

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Sharing of Articles and Copyright

Articles may be shared with others provided that:

i) Articles are not shared or reproduced for competitive, commercial purposes;
ii) Acknowledgement of the source appears prominently with the shared article e.g.

Source © 2016 HR Management Dimensions

The above is without prejudice to the assertion by individual authors to be identified as the author of their individual work(s) and by HR Management Dimensions Ltd. of the entire blog in accordance with the Copyright & Design and Patents Act 1968 as amended. This includes the logo(s), artwork and sequencing and/or revision of articles. To avoid doubt, unless otherwise stated, text, logos and artwork are copyright of J.C Harrington.

The above freedom does not extend to using photographs, logos or artwork or text for creating other work(s). Images such as photographs are copyright of the copyright holders and remain the copyright of those persons and/or organisations.

Our Use of Cookies

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