Gain Our Attention

If you have a question or need advice or would like to check if you are ‘on the right lines’, then contact us to start that discussion.

Lady speaking via a megaphone to two men standing very close with with hands over their ears

You can contact us via:

  • chat with us,
  • phone or
  • write to us.

We trust that you will not need to resort to a megaphone to gain our attention!

Chat with Us (really means type your message!)

You should see text or a blue button near the bottom of the page on the right hand side near the margin – it may say chat or message us. Click on the text or button to open the chat box. If we are out or with a client, you can leave a message and your e-mail adddress or a phone number so that we can contact you as soon as practicable. We are still checking for messages regularly.

Phone Us

You can call Jim Harrington on 07808 765588 – please note the phone is not monitored while he is driving or in a meeting – but you can leave a message for Jim to return your call.

Write to Us

We dislike spam mail so to reduce the incidence, please use the contact form below.

Note – we shall not pass on your e-mail address or phone number to another organisation or individual unless required by law or the individual is working with or for us regarding your request. Our privacy policy can be viewed via this link.

Contact us