Key HR Facts – Range of Topics

[Updated 28/02/24 with rates in force from April 2024 plus the new rights coming into effect.]

Checking a fact about employment rights? No need to trawl through several internet sites. Key HR Facts is:
– kept simple but informative;
– set out under topic headings to help you find what you need;
– not like a bookcase stuffed with volumes to read but contains quick notes including:

  • basic facts on employment rights to help you to make a decision, whether as a manager or an employee;
  • current rates of statutory pay and compensation;
  • tips and information which are often overlooked by both managers and staff;
  • reference to blog articles on the topic – references are used sparingly.
Photo of mobile phone screen showing a book case full of books.

Key HR Facts is free to use. It may be shown to family members and/or colleagues provided you and they acknowledge the copyright on any extracts, pages or posts which you or they share as set out in the side margins headed Sharing of Key HR Facts.

Pay and compensation rates now show the rates from 6th April 2024 or another date as noted in the relevant heading. Rates for the previous year are shown in brackets.

From 6th April 2024, a cap of £700 per week on an individual’s pay applies when calculating some awards. ~

Get started view the topics below and just click on the relevant heading. An index of the contents will appear, if there is more than one section.

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