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Placed on Short Time Working or Lay Off

An employee placed on short term working for less than half his/her normal hours or laid off without pay may be entitled to redundancy pay if:– his right to be paid under his contract will depend on the employer providing him with work to do under that contract;– the lay off or short-time working lasts for 4 or more consecutive weeks or 6 weeks in a 13 week period of which no more than 3 […]

Redundancy Pay, Consultation & Guarantee Pay

Redundancy Consultation Requirements The requirements differ according to number of individuals affected as noted below. Consultation for 1 – 19 Employees There is no stipulated length of consultation before the first dismissal may take place. However, there is an expectation that reasonable consultation will occur with the individuals affected. Consultation for 20 – 99 Employees Mandatory consultation period before the first dismissal is 30 days if 20 to 99 employees are affected; Employer must consult […]