Category: Remedies for Breaches of Statutory Entitlements

Remedies for an employee and the fines and orders which may be determined by a Tribunal.

Remedies Open to an Individual Claimant

[Updated 31/03/2022 – re Increases to Compensation and Tribunal Awards from 6th April 2022] [New content also added 09/04/2022]. This topic notes the less known awards that may be sought by an individual(s). Rates shown apply to the 2022-2023 tax year; figures in brackets are for the previous year. Many of the sections on Key HR Facts make reference to the remedy or award available. Another section notes the fines and other issues about which […]

Fines & Other Tribunal Orders Against an Employer

[Updated 30/03/2021] Fines and Orders Against an Employer A Tribunal has various powers to award compensation and other remedies to an employee when a statutory entitlement has been breached by an employer. Employment Tribunals also have other powers that the judge/panel can exercise but those orders do not generally lead to payments to an employee. Those may take the form of a fine against an employer which is payable to the Goverment or an award […]