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Short Time Working or Laid Off

Placed on Short Time Working or Laid Off An employee may be entitled to redundancy pay if he/she is laid off without pay or placed on short term working for less than half his/her normal hours. Entitlement depends on whether: – his right to be paid under his contract will depend on the employer providing him with work to do under that contract; – the lay off or short-time working lasts for 4 or more […]

Notice Periods re Employee and Employer

Notice Periods Minimum periods are set by statute but an employer may give and require longer periods than the statutory periods of notice. Always check your written particulars/statement of terms for your notice periods Notice to be Given to an Employee Statutory entitlement is based upon the length of continuous service with the employer: –  Under 1 month’s service – no statutory notice requirement–  Between 1 month and up to 2 year’s service  = notice […]

Written Particulars of Employment

Written Particulars of Employment Tnese must be provided to an employee on or before their start date. The Principal Particulars below must be given in one document. In contrast, the Additional Particulars can be given in separate documents and after the individual’s start date. Principal Written Particulars of Employment The following must all be included in the same document (known as the ‘principal statement’): the employer’s name the employee or worker’s name the start date (the […]

Contract of Employment

Contract Terms v Written Particulars of Employment ~ Often, people use these phrases interchangeably but their effect is quite different. Contract Terms These should contain the complete terms on which an individual has been employed i.e. a comprehensive document of the respective rights of the employer and employee based on the: express clauses in the document plus; implied terms i.e. those which the Courts will view as being part of the contract such as the […]