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A Different Approach to HR Management

Clients and friends tell me that I have a different approach which I believe is due to my having started in general management and gained promotion to senior operational roles before taking on personnel management or if you prefer hr management and organisational roles.   Why did I switch to HR?  As a general manager, I was very involved in the recruitment and management of staff including technical, medical and other specialist skilled staff. However, I did not find personnel management to be a helpful service to the issues that I would have to address and would often use employment law as a reason for not tackling an issue.  As I had read law including labour (employment) law, I found such an approach to be immature and eventually decided to move across to HR to demonstrate what effective hr management was like especially as I was coached by a very experienced and intuitive personned director at the time.

As you will gather, my HR management expertise has been gained via experience in senior roles in both general management and HR management plus professional studies, specialist training and exposure to a range of difficult and complex issues and working contexts.   I  have been very fortunate in my career as  such exposure gave me unique opportunities and insights to address personnel management and organisational issues in both the private and public sectors.  To give you some insight into how I think about such matters, links are given below to several of my blog articles.

Focused HR Management Expertise

My approach differs in that I shall help you to

identify the real issues that need to be addressed in your context
to enable you to move forward

Use the links below to see my experience and learning, showing through hopefully, in these articles, for example:

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You can read more articles on a range of topics by visiting our HR Management Dimensions blog.

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