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HR Management Dimensions is the brand and trading name founded by Jim Harrington.

My HR management expertise has been gained via experience in senior general management and senior HR management roles plus professional studies and specialist trainging.   I  have been very fortunate in my career as I have gained a series of unique exposures to addressing personnel management and organisational issues in both the private and public sectors.  To give you some insight into how I think about such matters, links are given below to several of my blog articles.

Focused HR Management Expertise

My approach differs in that I shall help you to

identify the real issues that need to be addressed in your context
to enable you to move forward

Use the links below to see my experience and learning, showing through hopefully, in these articles, for example:

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You can read more articles on a range of topics by visiting our HR Management Dimensions blog.

You can also read my experience profile on Linkedin i.e Jim Harrington. My contact details are:

07808 765588

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