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A Different Approach to HR Management

Clients and collegues tell me that I have a different  and welcome way of advising on hr management issues.  I believe that is due to my having started in general management and gaining promotion to senior operational roles before moving into hr management.   My management roles included managing technical, medical and other specialist staff as well as roles in the health service, logistics, hotel and leisure sectors.  Why did I switch to HR?  photo of Jim Harrington, founder and Lead Adviser

As a general manager, I was very involved in the recruitment and management of issues with staff.  However, I did not find hr management advice of much help to the issues which I had to address.  Employment law was often used as an excuse for not being able to tackle the issues effectively.  In addition, those giving advice did not appear to have much operational insight and did not appear to be commercially and customer focused in their approach to the issues.

Probably because, I had read law (employment law being one of my specialist subjects), the advice received seemed immature and completely risk averse.  So I decided to try my hand at hr management and prove that there were ways of providing more effective advice to managers.

My choice to move into personnel management was confirmed when a new Personnel Director was appointed.   He was a very experienced and intuitive individual who willingly coached me in my first few years in HR.  My senior roles in general management and HR management stood me in good stead especially as that blend included professional studies, specialist training and exposure to a range of difficult and complex issues in several sectors.   Such exposure gave me unique opportunities and insights to address personnel management and organisational issues in both the private and public sectors.

To give you some insight into how I think about such matters, links are given below to several of my blog articles.

Focused HR Management Expertise

My approach differs in that I shall help you to
identify the real issues that need to be addressed in your context
and minimise the risks so that you can move forward;
at the same time, I adapt my support and advice to your needs

Use the links below to see my experience and learning, showing through hopefully, in these articles:

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