Hallmarks of Effective HR Management Practices

Are your managers locked into hr management practices or intiatives that sounded good or seemed to work well in other organisations but just do not produce tangible results in your organisation?   Despite managers’ time and effort, you do not see progress towards achieving your service or business goals.  Common causes are: those practices are not suited to your organisation’s context; hr initiatives are taking managers’ focus away from operational issues; some hr practices are pulling in different directions and […]

Teachers Under Pressure; Are School Governors Doing Enough?

Do you know any school teachers?  Do they seem more stressed now compared to say one year ago?  It seems to be accepted that teaching is a pressurised profession and that many members experience stress.  The suggested causes vary such as Government policy but the article referred to below suggests alternative causes and some suggestions how a balance can be restored. Head Teachers and School Governors may find the article provocative but the author trusts that the questions posed will […]

Older Employees – Organisational Asset or Liability?

Shortage of People and Skills Ahead In recent years the focus has been on apprenticeships and job opportunities for young people, which are both important.  However, that has distracted managers from another pressing issue – the skills and ‘corporate glue’ provided by older workers.  The number of young people coming into the workforce is shrinking.  By 2022, 14.5 million more jobs will be created, but only 7 million younger workers will enter the workforce – a gap of 7.5 million. […]

Distracting but Necessary Compliance Issues to Address

In this quarter, senior managers will have to grapple with a flurry of issues that do not further the organisation’s goals but which need to be addressed to avoid potential adverse publicity and other consequences. Peripheral Issues to be Addressed The following matters will need to be considered in the coming months as the implementation date for some is in April 2017. Employment of apprentices and the Apprenticeship Levy. Gender Pay Reporting. ** Data protection – new European standard and […]

Security Enhancement to Our Web and Blog Sites

You may notice that our web and blog addresses are now prefixed by https://… rather than just http://.  That is because we have added a more secure way of communication between us and visitors/clients and vice versa. Please check that you are using the https:// prefix when connecting to our web address or blogs.   The prefix is a visible means of showing that we have a security certificate in operation. Please note that you should use the following links to […]

Special Greetings to Our Readers

I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year Trusting that you will have a relatively peaceful and enjoyable time Best Wishes Jim Harrington

Executive and Board Pay – Is There an Appropriate Level?

Once more the level of pay of senior executives is under scrutiny and proposals are being considered for influencing and containing the size of such pay packages.[1]  This topic has attracted attention across the years and has been the subject of many studies.  I had the privilege of discussing and corresponding with the late Dr Tom Paterson on the issues of pay equity and equitable pay differentials.  Many will link Dr Paterson’s name with the Decision Band Method™ of job […]

Previous Blog Articles and Tips

The HR Management Dimensions blog was started in 2008 and has published articles and posts regularly on many aspects of hr management issues that often vex or distract senior managers from focusing on the organisation’s key goals.  Following a mishap, we have been successful in restoring past articles apart from a few of which the content is out of date. When a new article is published, you can receive an alert by e-mail, if you request one.  To do so, […]

The Minimum Wage has a Nasty Bite

True Cause or Excuse The minimum wage is well known but there are still some employers, across many sectors, who choose to skate on thin ice.   Those organisations fail to pay the correct amount because of: Insufficient funds; Failure to take into account all the operational hours expected of staff; Ignorance; An “I’ll chance it” attitude. The latter is more prevalent than I thought judging by conversations with employees and managers.  HMRC has the power to deal with miscreant senior […]