Driverless Car or Lax Driver?

Unsafe Drivers and Cars The report on a fatal crash in March 2018, in the USA, involving a vehicle with an automated driving system has now been published. The likely causes appear to be a combination of inattention by the backup driver, inappropriate actions of the automatic driving system and inadequate safety policies of the […]

Driverless = Discretionless Vehicle

Those in favour of driverless cars state that they will lead to a lower death rate on our roads. Driverless cars will need to be equipped with a lot of advanced technology to travel on public roads. A key question is whether the programming of driving aids will be effective to both detect what is […]

Personal Reflections & Incredulity

Occasionally articles will appear which are not related to our main theme of hr management. Such articles will be a reflection or comment on a piece of news or something that I came across. Those articles will be found under the category of ‘Time to stand and stare’. Why am I using that name for […]

Redundancy – Forfeiture of Pay

[Note – extra points were added to the article on 14/10/2019 & 16/10/2019] Being made redundant is usually an unwelcome event for indviduals. In the midst of an unpleasant and, sometimes, numbing experience, an individual has to absorb his/her options and best course of action. Concern about getting another job can lead to an individual […]

Brexit – Preparing for the Journey

Information is appearing about what employers need to do whether we leave with or without a deal. Some of the advice is quite clear and shows that some employers may not have to take action in the short term or even for a year or more. Some advice will seem general rather than specific for […]

Trial of Live Chat and Messaging

We are trying out a new live chat and messaging service which will enable your queries to be answered within a reasonable time. We are gradually editing the different screens that will appear depending on how you access the chat service and the nature of your query. Please bear with us if some of the […]

The Humber Bridge and River – but where are the ships?

I have crossed the Humber Bridge many times when visiting my parents and/or clients. It is always an impressive sight as you see the whole bridge in the distance and then drive along the bridge with a panoramic view up and down river The Humber Bridge is 1.38 miles long and the carriageway is up […]

Payslips to Show Hours Worked

Employees must be able to check whether they have been paid the correct amount which means that all employees and workers now have the right to see the hours they have worked and been paid for on their pay slips. Employers are required to show the number of hours worked, as well as the earnings, […]

TUPE – Hidden Liabilities

[ Editior’s Note: A few typing corrections were made on 15/01/2019] One drop of water can cause wide ripples. Similarly, a transfer of staff under the Transfer of Undertakings Regulations can produce hidden liabilities for the new employer. Managers involved in such a transfer (TUPE as it is known) should be familiar with the need […]