Distracting but Necessary Compliance Issues to Address

In this quarter, senior managers will have to grapple with a flurry of issues that do not further the organisation’s goals but which need to be addressed to avoid potential adverse publicity and other consequences.

Peripheral Issues to be Addressed

The following matters will need to be considered in the coming months as the implementation date for some is in April 2017.

  1. Employment of apprentices and the Apprenticeship Levy.
  2. Gender Pay Reporting. **
  3. Data protection – new European standard and regulations.
  4. Changes to Immigration rules and increased costs for employers.
  5. Increases in the National Minimum Wage rates.
  6. Mental health issues at work.
  7. Internal policies and processes that have been overtaken by recent cases and regulations.

The items with ** will apply to organisations with 250 or more staff but do not heave a sigh or relief just yet as you may be part of large employer – that fact could bring you within the scope of the regulations.

Gaining Extra Value with Minimal Effort

Time will have to be spent to deal with the issues but in some cases, you can gain added value from the data you will have to gather.

To help senior managers, I shall be publishing during the next two months:

  • Articles and tips on the above issues;
  • References to previous articles that provide insight into the pitfalls in some issues;
  • Simple checks you can make to ensure that you have not breached the requirements inadvertently;
  • Ways of gaining added value from these tasks;
  • Sources of help.

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