Quick Reference Source to Statutory Entitlements under Employment Law

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Key HR Facts – your own handy reference source

Key HR Facts is a quick and free reference source of the statutory employment law entitlements. Designed to help managers and employees to find key information in one source without having to trawl through many sites on the internet.

You may view the site via this link – Key HR Facts.

New Home and Link Reference

Please note that the above link is new as the site has been moved to a new home and redesigned to allow for expansion of the topics covered and for even quicker means to find the information you seek. Please delete any older links you may have saved.

It is still free to use and information can be shared with colleagues and friends provided the copyright is acknowledged each time sharing takes place. A note in the site’s margin explains more about the copyright relaxation.

Further Advice or Information

If you have any questions of issues on which you would like further information and/or advice on a topic or issue, please contact us as explained on the Key HR Facts site.

Key HR Facts was founded by Jim Harrington who also founded HR Management Dimensions. Jim remains the editor of Key HR Facts and a principal adviser of both organisations.