Living Wage – New Rates Announced

Increases to The Living Wage Rates

The new rates of the Living Wage were announced recently.  Employers who have subcribed to paying the Living Wage are expected to start paying the new rates before 1st May 2019.   The new rates are:

  • London  £10.55 per hour – increase = 35p per hour;
  • Elsewhere £9 per hour – increase = 25p per hour.

There is no differentiation according to the age of an individual.

Several companies, such as Lidl, have announced already that they will increase their pay rates to that level.

The Living Wage v The National Minimum Wage

In contrast, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) has rates based on age bands and a rate for apprentices.    The NMW rates are increased usually from April of each year.   It is likely that the gap between the the Living Wage and the National Mimimum Wage rates will be reduced over the next few years.

If you wish to know more about the current rates of the NMW, you can view the rates and tips on applying them on our Key HR Facts website

You will see that the Key HR Facts gives current information about various statutory rates of pay, statutory leave and other minimum and maximum entitlements of employees.   The information is free to use.

If you find the pages helpful, feel free to share them with your colleagues and friends.  Use the following link to Key HR Facts.


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